Flew down to West Palm Beach in mid Feb and drove down to Fort Pierce (near Vero Beach) to visit a friend.  Also, went down to see Kevin Cino at the Club Med Academy in nearby Port St Lucie.

Wholistic Academy helped sponsor Kevin’s year at the academy and I wanted to see how he was doing.  My friend Scott Delmastro is one of the principals at the academy and it was good to see how Kevin was progressing and to see how the academy conducts its business both on and off the court.

After a few days Maggie and I drove down to Fort Lauderdale where we rented an appartment for 2 weeks at the Tennis Club of Fort Lauderdale.  This was a smallish gated community with simple accommodations with the main draw being the excellent tennis with numerous Gold Ball (national champions) players among the membership.  A great place for senior tennis!

We also got passes for the entire week to the Delray Pro Tennis tournament, courtesy of my friend and the 45th ranked doubles player in the world at the time, Treat Huey.  Maggie and I went a couple of times and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

After that, we drove across to the west coast of Florida to visit our friends in Bonita Springs.  After staying with our friends for a couple of days we found and rented a wonderful 3 bedroom condo for a month.  This is where we are at this moment in time.

Hitting balls daily, going to the gym everyday also for a few hours and just relaxing, walking on the beach, just enjoying the sunshine, the nature and lots of down time!


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