HapsHappy’s love of sports began at a very early age in life. He first began playing tennis at the age of 10; he first began teaching at 19 and now, more than 35 years later, his passion for the game remains unabated.

Alongside this love of the physical, at around the age of 20 grew a more conscious curiosity of the spiritual nature of the universe. This curiosity grew into a passionate and powerful search for purpose and meaning that took him all around the globe.

At first this spiritual journey drew Happy away from the seemingly insignificant and commercialized world of sports; however, ultimately he got some sense of the universality of all things and this brought his two passions harmoniously together.

Tennis became a vehicle for him to learn about himself, as it can be to all of us. Consequently, tennis becomes meaningless and meaningful both at the same time. It is meaningless in the sense that playing great tennis guarantees us nothing in life. If there is no peace or contentment in our lives than of what use is it to have lots of money or be successful in the limited material sense of that word? Meaningful, because if it is our vehicle of choice (if it is one’s passion), it can help us to become more aware. It can help us to ascend deep into our inner core through a greater connection with our body with the understanding that inevitably arises from such a journey.

The possibility of transformation is present. Such inner harmony and contentment is available to us, all we need do is to take the first step. It is possible that this website can help you see the value of that first step.

Enjoy the journey…

Happy has a Master’s degree in Comparative Philosophy and Religion and has written two books about tennis, life and the role of the mind in peak athletic performance. He has written numerous articles for various publications and is a regular contributor to tennisone.com, one of the premier instructional websites on the web.  More recently, Happy has released a DVD in an attempt to raise awareness about the Mental issues that arise in competition and that are part of the human experience, since the ‘competitive mind’ exists both on and off the court.

He has presented at USPTA and ITF conferences as well as for individual academies and national associations in Europe, Asia and the United States. He is a level 1 USPTA professional, who has coached sectionally and nationally ranked juniors as well as both men and women on the professional tour.

He runs the Wholistic Tennis Academy in Westhampton Beach, in the Hamptons of Long Island from May 1st to October 1st with unique instructional programs for both juniors and adults of all levels and ages from beginners to professionals.

The rest of the year, Happy travels all over the world and is available for individual coaching, tournament coaching, seminars, presentations and workshops.

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