Wholistic Tennis Academy 

For Coaches
A perfect option for Academy Directors or Athletic Directors of High Schools or Colleges who wish to take their programs to a whole other level and understand the fundamental role of Coaches’ education in that endeavor.

For Players of all levels
Ideal for College coaches and Club or Academy Directors who wish to inspire their students to greater introspection.

Perfect for Club managers who wish to provide their members with a thought-provoking presentation.

Specialized individual coaching
We are available to travel to tournaments or have on-site
training and or evaluations of tournament players for their
long-term development.


For players on the role of the mind in peak athletic performance

For Coaches on the journey from teacher to facilitator

For parents on helping their junior athletes realize their potential

We feel that a fundamental shift needs to take place, not only in the way tennis is taught, but how competitive sports are perceived.
In this shift, lies the key to bringing together the pursuit of excellence and peace of mind, contentment or happiness through personal growth.

Presently, most players, coaches and parents are obsessed with improvement and as a result many individuals improve their skills and become fantastic players, but their talent brings them no enduring happiness or contentment.

Ironically, a different perspective will not only bring greater success, but the journey will become so much more pleasant and valuable from a personal growth perspective. Success has to be viewed in the greater context of life and to be successful and miserable or constantly stressed and under pressure is empty and of no real value.

This bringing together of the outer and inner has broader implications that spill out beyond the tennis court and into all aspects of life and living. In reality, this shift in understanding is essential if we are to live in harmony with ourselves and others.

The pursuit of excellence in sports provides us a wonderful opportunity to look within ourselves and therefore transform our lives. Presently, the way sports are played, one has to choose between success and happiness; is it not possible to have both?

The workshops and presentations are of flexible time frames. Individual clubs may hire us to come in for an evening presentation or a 2-day or 5-day workshop. It is also possible for larger organizations to hire us over a longer period of time and have us combine all our understanding to improve their programs. We also offer consulting services and will help National Associations to review and overhaul their Player Development infrastructure.

There are many ways in which our services can be used. We can be extremely creative and flexible. Please email us at in order to discuss details and pricing.

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