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Happy Bhalla


has been playing tennis for the past 50 years and is nearing his prime, he feels a few more years of practice and he’ll be ready!

Vishaal Uppal

was world-ranked on the ATP tour in both singles and doubles when he wore a younger (and trimmer!) man’s clothes. However, he considers playing Davis Cup for India as the highlight of his career. Vishaal loves being here in the Hamptons of NY in the summers and runs a tennis academy and sports management company in New Delhi the rest of the year.

Alexander Grupp

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Resides in Florida with his wife, Carla, and his new-born twin boys, Dominick and Dante. Alex came to the States on a college tennis scholarship and has never left. He taught at the Evert Tennis Academy for a few years before branching out on his own. Along with his tennis coaching, Alex is a real estate developer in Florida.

Phillip Michaels

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Is a recent graduate from Hunter College in NYC where he studied Art. As a starving artist, he uses tennis coaching to feed his art habit while continuing to focus primarily on his own growth. This is Phil’s ninth year at Wholistic Tennis and I am not sure how much longer we can continue to support him! For anyone interested in adoption, please contact Vish immediately.

Nischay Rawal

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is currently a Junior in Alcorn State University, doing a double major in Business Administration as well as Accounting. He also, plays number 1 on their varsity tennis team and has won numerous SWAC awards in both singles and doubles.

Sharvill Nawghre


is an Indian born Tennis Professional who currently plays no.1 for Queens College (NY). Sharvill was a promising young talent in India rising as high top 25 in Under 16s and 18s. He was also ranked in the Spanish men’s rankings in the year 2011. He has played several ITF tournaments and is an alumnus of the Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy (Spain) where he played for 2 years. Sharvill is certified by USPTR and RPT (Spanish Federation).

Warren Kuhn

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plays tennis at the University of West Florida, where he has been a 5 time all-American. He had a stellar junior career, playing Junior Wimbledon, winning a national title in South Africa and was ranked in the top 100 in the world junior rankings.

Federico Toscana

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Is 21 years old and hails from Argentina. He is a senior at Queens College where he is on the varsity tennis team. The highlight of his tennis career was when he had the opportunity to go to France to play professional tournaments.

Del Schunk

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Del recently graduated from the Browning School in New York City. He played first singles for his team for four years, and was MVP for six consecutive years. He will be playing tennis at Union College next year, in upstate New York. Del has been playing at Wholistic Tennis Academy for nine years now, and this is his third summer working with us.

Daniel Shenwick

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Daniel recently graduated from S.A.R. High School where he played as the #1 singles player on his tennis team. He will be taking a gap year in Israel next year and will attend the University of Pennsylvania afterwards. His interests off the court range from math and science to music and skiing. He has been attending The Wholistic Tennis Academy since he was 5 years old and will be returning to work with us for his second summer.

Joseph Reiner

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Joseph is 16 years old heading into his junior year of high school. He has reached the top 600 nationally for his age group and has been a tournament player since he was 7 years old. He plays high school tennis for Riverdale Country School and during the school year he trains at the John McEnroe tennis academy in Randalls Island. Joseph has been playing at Wholistic Tennis Academy for 6 years and he looks forward to his first year working there.

Andre KirkorianA

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Andre is 16 years old and is just finishing 10th grade at Syosset HS where he plays on an extremely strong varsity tennis team. Beyond the tennis court, his interests lie in playing soccer, singing in the school choir and playing video games with friends. Andre has been playing at the Wholistic Tennis Academy almost from the moment he could hold a tennis racket, and is now excited about the prospect of transitioning onto the staff team.

Maggie Bhalla


Is our ‘ super girl Friday’! She is our maintenance ‘man’, our ‘hostess with the mostess’, our party planner and our super sub who fills in any where we need with a smile on her face, but please do not be fooled by the demure, sweet, innocent exterior (as I was over 30 years ago!), she is a fierce competitor and be ready to duck when she charges the net.

Zach Ellenhorn

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