Fun is….

Fun is…being in a supportive and nurturing environment

where there is encouragement at every turn

Fun is… being in an atmosphere, which is friendly where

we can aspire to be ourselves

Fun…is to be in a non-threatening situation, where we do

not judge and are not judged

Fun is…a total commitment to the pursuit of excellence, to

be where you have never been before

Fun is…being able to appreciate the intrinsic value of an


Fun is…bringing your mind and body into the same place

at the same time, being focused

Fun is…being challenged and facing that challenge without

fear or expectation

Fun is…detachment from the result of your labor

Fun is…walking on the court with the understanding that

All we have control over is our own effort and attitude

Fun is…feeling no stress, fear anxiety, anxiousness, tension

or frustration

Fun is…feeling free, light, easily satisfied and accepting all

things and situations

Fun is…being able to smile easily in all situations

Fun is the understanding that in the ultimate sense winning

is no different from losing

Fun is… knowing that success is not about winning or

losing, but simply playing.

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