What is wholistic tennis or zennis?

Zennis is the integration of zen and tennis. The goal of tennis is to
win, while the 'goal' of zen is to live without fear. The methodology by
which one lives or plays without fear is by bringing awarenesss to the
fear that already exists within us on a deep cellular level.

Wholistic tennis is the integration of the inner and the outer and for
my purposes is synonomous with zennis. The inner being playing from
a place of centeredness without fear and the outer being material

This site is focused on using tennis to explore one's own inner
experience for the purposes of personal growth. Consequently, the
tennis is both important and unimportant. It is important in the sense
that it is only when one is totally passionate about and committed to
something (anything) that learning about oneself can happen. And it
is insignificant in the sense that success in tennis will not change the
quality of your life and without a shift in consciousness happening in
you, your life will basically remain the same.

The focus is on accepting and exploring what is, rather than emphasing
the end or the result. To stay in the pain or discomfort that is already
there as opposed to escaping to 'happy' moments seems counter
intuitive and illogical, but yet, it seems, that is the process by which
personal growth happens.

Tennis and sports also presents us with a wonderful opportunity to
connect to our own bodies and that is crucial if we are to stop living in
the head. Becoming more sensitive to our own bodies is a crucial part
of the jigsaw puzzle.

It is only when one realizes that there is something of greater value
than success that one's journey of personal growth begins.