Tip of the week: the role of emotions in competition!

The role of emotions in competition

Emotions, specifically ‘negative’ emotions, have always been considered a hindrance to peak athletic performance. As a result, there has always been an attempt to suppress, escape or move to a more ‘positive’ mindset from the chaotic emotional experience that often arises during competition.

While this makes complete logical sense, does it work?

Keep trying it to see if it works and if, in your experience, it does not, perhaps then you will be ready to try a different approach.

Another approach would be to look for the role emotions play? What is their purpose? They are there for everyone and must be fulfilling some purpose.

The only way to know the answer to these questions is to live the experience fully when the emotions arise. This is more difficult than it sounds.

What sane person wants to be remain in the discomfort we feel when we are in the grips of anger, frustration, fear, nervousness, etc?

It seems quite logical to want to get out of the discomfort the moment it arises.

And yet, we don’t invite these emotions, they come out of nothing and it is our job, perhaps, to discover what purpose they are fulfilling and see where that takes us.

In order to do that all we can do is to live these and all emotions fully and explore whatever arises for us.

enjoy the journey………….