I arrived back in the Hamptons on Wednesday, April 3rd and we have dived into getting the club ready to open. We were not able to finish all the work in the Fall because it started getting cold, but most of the big work was finished. Now we have to do the finishing touches, but the finishing touches are key because that is what everyone sees first and if the first appearance is not sweet, it kinda of ruins everything that comes afterwards!

Now we have finished the painting, so the club house is ready to be set up. The Har try will be delivered on saturday morning at 6:30am, which means that we will have some courts up and running the weekend of April, 20th. Lots of small things to be done before that.

The 2012 summer season begins!

We managed to open 4 courts last weekend and the weather cooperated sufficiently for tennis to be played both days.  I was very busy both days, but my body seemed to hold out pretty well.  Even played some old ‘fart’ doubles Saturday afternoon with the Ed Wolfarth against the highly ranked team of Bob Gargiula and Alan Scriber!!

This weekend we have even more courts ready and the club is beginning to take shape.  Hope to have more members around to play and anyone interested in playing need only to call me at the club to find a game.

The wind is still a presence. Oh, so different from Florida…………..

Vish is coming in Tuesday!


Flew down to West Palm Beach in mid Feb and drove down to Fort Pierce (near Vero Beach) to visit a friend.  Also, went down to see Kevin Cino at the Club Med Academy in nearby Port St Lucie.

Wholistic Academy helped sponsor Kevin’s year at the academy and I wanted to see how he was doing.  My friend Scott Delmastro is one of the principals at the academy and it was good to see how Kevin was progressing and to see how the academy conducts its business both on and off the court.

After a few days Maggie and I drove down to Fort Lauderdale where we rented an appartment for 2 weeks at the Tennis Club of Fort Lauderdale.  This was a smallish gated community with simple accommodations with the main draw being the excellent tennis with numerous Gold Ball (national champions) players among the membership.  A great place for senior tennis!

We also got passes for the entire week to the Delray Pro Tennis tournament, courtesy of my friend and the 45th ranked doubles player in the world at the time, Treat Huey.  Maggie and I went a couple of times and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

After that, we drove across to the west coast of Florida to visit our friends in Bonita Springs.  After staying with our friends for a couple of days we found and rented a wonderful 3 bedroom condo for a month.  This is where we are at this moment in time.

Hitting balls daily, going to the gym everyday also for a few hours and just relaxing, walking on the beach, just enjoying the sunshine, the nature and lots of down time!


Winter 2011-2012

Dear Friends:

I am getting to the end of a wonderful 4 month long trip.

In October, Maggie and I visited the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.  We met there at Lew Hoad’s campo de tenis in 1983, almost 28 years ago.  We visited with close friends and revisited old haunts and had a wonderful time.  In early November, she decided to return to NY and play grandma, while I chose to go to India for 3 months.

I spent the first month in Delhi helping Vishaal with his Academy aand connecting with many tennis friends, while also finding time to hang with Vish when ever possible……needless to say it was a busy time.

After that I flew to Pune and stayed at the Osho meditation Resort for 7 weeks.  I have been coming here every winter for the past 15 years, but for various reason, I feel this was my best visit ever.  I met many old friends, made new ones and connected on a deeper level with myself.  It feels good and sad at the same time to know that after over 35 years on the spiritual journey, I am still going deeper into myself.

Presently, I am back in Delhi for another week of tennis, visiting friends and family.  On Sunday Feb 5th I will return to NY for some time, but hopefully not too long because there is still a couple of months before I have to be back in NY to start another season of Wholistic Tennis.


Congratulations Ambi!!

Congratulations to AMBIKA PANDE, the girls singles winner of the Canadian U18 ITF Junior World Ranking Event 2011. We love you and are so proud of you!! We are so happy you could spend another summer with us here at the Wholistic Tennis Academy! Hope to see you and the rest of the crew- Avika, Megha, Garry, Trivesh, Saurabh, and Sumeera next year!! Have a wonderful year guys!


Feb 18th, 2011

Hey guys:

I am in Pune, India at the Osho Meditation Resort.  It is really beautiful here; both physically and energetically.  The space is beautiful with lots of trees and open spaces and lots of friends every where coming and going.

I am teaching some zennis classes and just hanging out a lot.

Playing tennis, table tennis and chess and living as consciously as possible in my body.  It feels good.

Will be here until March 3rd when I am planning to leave for Mumbai.

Arrived in India

Spent a wonderful week in New Delhi visiting friends and family.  We arrived on the clodest day there for the past 42 years.  It was noway near as cold as we had experienced in NY, but it feels colder because there in no central heating in India and so one feels cold inside homes also.

We started the week staying with Raj and Sonia and when they left for Goa, we moved to Vishaal’s home in Defence Colony.

I spent a few days with Vishaal helping him coach the girls he is working with.  Ambika and Arantxa who had come to NY last summer are still working with him and there was another girl also.  There was a big level 2 Junior ITF tournament over the weekend and I saw the girls play a couple of matches.

Vish showed us the night life one evening and it is much different than before with young people of both sexes mixing freely and alcohol and partying in abundance.

Also had a wonderful time visiting relatives, although I did not get to see everybody, I was able to connect with some beautiful people.

On Monday we leave for Pune and Osho Meditation Resort.  We are not sure where we are staying or if I will be working or not, or more accurately, how much I will be working….but should be fun!

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