July 11th tip of the week: Absorb and grow!

Every year for the past 23 years, Wholistic Tennis Academy has given out and sold t-shirts with sayings on the back.

This year’s t-shirt is ‘absorb and grow’.

Words are like art. The artist can paint something that he sees in one way, but everyone is free to interpret ‘his’ painting anyway they wish.

So please feel free to choose to understand these words any way you wish.

I am simply sharing with you some thoughts.

What I love about the word absorb is that it is so feminine and yet so powerful. Normally we think of the male, yang, energy as being powerful.

So, how can absorbing be such a powerful act?

For me, it is powerful because I have found it to be transformative!!

Look at your own experience. Perhaps you have been fighting anger, fear, doubt, frustration or nervousness for many years.

How has the fighting or escaping helped? If fighting has not helped, why not try absorbing? See what happens?

So, the next time any of these emotions come up, instead of seeing it as something negative to be gotten rid of, perhaps we can just quietly live our experience of the emotion.

Then, when it comes time to execute, we can focus on the physicality of our movements and swing with abandon, despite what we are feeling.

In other words, our feelings, such as they may be, need not change our swings, often they do, but they need not.

Absorb, Experience, Experiment and Explore!



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