How tolerant are you of differences?

I wonder if Dojokovic and Nadal would be able to find social games in many clubs around the world?

Dojokovic bounces the ball a lot of times and Nadal has so many quirks before he serves and takes a long between points!

After 50 years at clubs in numerous countries around the world, I am still amazed at how intolerant we are of those who are a little ‘different’ from ourselves. I am not sure if this was always the case or has simply intensified in the recent past.

This does not bode well for the world we live in because as technology makes our world ‘smaller’, we will come face-to-face with differences more and more and intolerance will make for volatility!

So, how tolerant are you? Perhaps, we could all make an extra effort to see differences, but not judge them negatively.

How much does it really inconvenience us in the big scheme of things if we have to adjust to others that we come across?

And please don’t forget that people’s nuisances are not designed specifically to piss you off, but to overcome their own discomfort.

Nadal has his numerous clothing adjustments not to gain a competitive edge, but to get comfortable within himself to play and I think the same is with Djokovic and his numerous bounces of the ball before he serves.

While waiting, instead of judging the other, perhaps you could experiment with focusing on your own breathing or some how connecting with your own body and see what happens.

Just a moment with yourself could center you and allow you to play your best tennis also.

Experiment, explore, enjoy!