June tip of the week #2: living with uncertainty

Every shot in tennis requires some trust.

You cannot be sure the ball is going to stay in the court, or even if you will make good contact with the ball.

Do you agree?

The body language of many players clearly reveals they do not. It is one thing to be disappointed at a certain outcome, but it is entirely another when anger and frustration take over because we ‘should’ have made a particular shot.

When we get ready to serve, can we guarantee the ball will go in? Can the future ever be 100% predictable? Of course, we may want the ball to do as we desire, but the fact that it not always does, proves that we do not entirely have control. There may be many reasons why we miss, but that is not the issue. The point is there is some sense of uncertainty as we swing away, even if our technique is normally sound. Continue reading “June tip of the week #2: living with uncertainty”

June tip of the month #1: Do you trust the body?

Every year for the past 21 years, our Wholistic Tennis Academy has given away and sold t-shirts with a saying on the back. This year’s message is ‘Trust the body’.

Tennis is a game played by the body, so why is it so hard to trust the body? Can we learn to be more trusting?

The reality is that we don’t trust. That’s my reality at least, at times. The first thing is for you to see what exists in you now. Do you trust the body? Can you swing freely without fear of consequence? At those moments you cannot, what is going on?

If not, there is no need to talk about trust (since that is not our experience because we know nothing about it. It just happens.), we need, instead, to talk about what is our individual experience. If trust is not there, what is? Continue reading “June tip of the month #1: Do you trust the body?”

May tip of the month: wholistic teaching

More and more, division and compartmentalizing seems to be the order of the day in all fields. It is clearly true of the medical profession and it is becoming true in tennis where specialist technical, tactical, fitness and mental ‘gurus’ are emerging everywhere.

However, it seems to me that everything is connected and to divide is to miss. Continue reading “May tip of the month: wholistic teaching”

Feb tip of the month: Instinct and intuition

Do you always play the same every time you step on the court? 

Why not?

There seems to be a range that we all have and one day we can play at the top of that range, while on the others at the bottom.

Why is that?

My experience suggests that the overwhelmingly single most important factor that determines our performance on any given day is whom we choose to give power to.  The ego or the “Being’.

If the ego is in control, sometimes we will feel confident and all powerful while at other times we will feel doubt and ‘out of sorts’. 

If, however, we can allow the ‘Being’ to play, we will then play to our athletic potential. What is the ‘Being’? The ‘Being’ is that part of us that takes over when the conscious mind and its constant desire for control is silent. It can be called instinct and intuition.

This fluctuation that we all experience is directly related to whom we choose to honor within ourselves.  When we can trust our instincts, we will play the way our athletic skills allow us to and when the ego is in charge and we try and control everything our game will suffer accordingly.   

Our desire for logic and control makes it extremely difficult for us to trust our instincts and intuition, but this is the challenge.

Experiment and explore!

Enjoy the journey…………………



The 2012 summer season begins!

We managed to open 4 courts last weekend and the weather cooperated sufficiently for tennis to be played both days.  I was very busy both days, but my body seemed to hold out pretty well.  Even played some old ‘fart’ doubles Saturday afternoon with the Ed Wolfarth against the highly ranked team of Bob Gargiula and Alan Scriber!!

This weekend we have even more courts ready and the club is beginning to take shape.  Hope to have more members around to play and anyone interested in playing need only to call me at the club to find a game.

The wind is still a presence. Oh, so different from Florida…………..

Vish is coming in Tuesday!

Feb 18th, 2011

Hey guys:

I am in Pune, India at the Osho Meditation Resort.  It is really beautiful here; both physically and energetically.  The space is beautiful with lots of trees and open spaces and lots of friends every where coming and going.

I am teaching some zennis classes and just hanging out a lot.

Playing tennis, table tennis and chess and living as consciously as possible in my body.  It feels good.

Will be here until March 3rd when I am planning to leave for Mumbai.

Arrived in India

Spent a wonderful week in New Delhi visiting friends and family.  We arrived on the clodest day there for the past 42 years.  It was noway near as cold as we had experienced in NY, but it feels colder because there in no central heating in India and so one feels cold inside homes also.

We started the week staying with Raj and Sonia and when they left for Goa, we moved to Vishaal’s home in Defence Colony.

I spent a few days with Vishaal helping him coach the girls he is working with.  Ambika and Arantxa who had come to NY last summer are still working with him and there was another girl also.  There was a big level 2 Junior ITF tournament over the weekend and I saw the girls play a couple of matches.

Vish showed us the night life one evening and it is much different than before with young people of both sexes mixing freely and alcohol and partying in abundance.

Also had a wonderful time visiting relatives, although I did not get to see everybody, I was able to connect with some beautiful people.

On Monday we leave for Pune and Osho Meditation Resort.  We are not sure where we are staying or if I will be working or not, or more accurately, how much I will be working….but should be fun!

Welcome to wholistictennis/Zennistennis

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Wholistic Tennis is a site dedicated to exploring both the inner and the outer of the game of tennis.  The outer is the pursuit of excellence, while the inner is about the spiritual journey towards wholeness for the individual. Continue reading “Welcome to wholistictennis/Zennistennis”