Tip of the week: the desire for certainty

At the root of a great deal of the tension and nervousness we feel during the execution of our swings in match-play stems from the desire to be certain or sure.

In practice, the desire to be certain is less powerful and so we are more cavalier with the way we swing the racket. It looks like we trust more, but the reality is, we care less if the ball goes in.

In a match, we want to be certain the ball is going to stay in and as a result, we almost invariably slow down the racket speed and often end up pushing the ball or moving awkwardly around contact.

Is that your experience?

If it is, we need to give up this desire for certainty. The future is always uncertain and that is its nature, regardless of our needs and desires. If we can accept that reality, it will be easier to swing freely and see what happens!

Are you ready for the adventure?

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