Arrived in India

Spent a wonderful week in New Delhi visiting friends and family.  We arrived on the clodest day there for the past 42 years.  It was noway near as cold as we had experienced in NY, but it feels colder because there in no central heating in India and so one feels cold inside homes also.

We started the week staying with Raj and Sonia and when they left for Goa, we moved to Vishaal’s home in Defence Colony.

I spent a few days with Vishaal helping him coach the girls he is working with.  Ambika and Arantxa who had come to NY last summer are still working with him and there was another girl also.  There was a big level 2 Junior ITF tournament over the weekend and I saw the girls play a couple of matches.

Vish showed us the night life one evening and it is much different than before with young people of both sexes mixing freely and alcohol and partying in abundance.

Also had a wonderful time visiting relatives, although I did not get to see everybody, I was able to connect with some beautiful people.

On Monday we leave for Pune and Osho Meditation Resort.  We are not sure where we are staying or if I will be working or not, or more accurately, how much I will be working….but should be fun!